Jennette McCurdy Sings ‘Home Sweet Home’


-“iCarly” star Jennette McCurdy uploaded a new video of her singing the Carrie Underwood version of “Home Sweet Home” (originally done by Motley Crue). Check it out below.

  • Allie Oliver

    Jennette ,
    You are so good !!! :):):):):)
    you ROCK !!!!
    I never knew you were so good i really like you !!!!!
    You are really awesome and you need to be on every show in the world just to be the Sam i know you are ….. the meat loveing , Missy hating , slaping Freddie , Sam i know and love !!!!!!
    thanks for being your self and being so funny!!!:)


  • Allie Oliver

    also ,
    for being the girl that i know and caqn trust about you !! like that, that you were really that good and did not
    lie abput not likeing your voice and should be very proud of that and i know that you are even you don’t like Freddie and i do ( ps .Don’t tell him that)
    anyway i love you !! you rock!!!! so you on i carly!!! HAHA NOT REALLY