• I cried when he was explaining his doctor visit. I saw a little boy asking the doctor “am I going to die?” =[

  • Hope

    He is an absolute inspiration to us all! My absolute hero! Never give up guys, we will if we together find a cure and beat it once and for all! Nick.J <3 u xx

  • Jennifer

    Well, I didn’t necessarily cry, but that’s normal for me. Haha. He does such an amazing job saying the things he said however. He really knows how to keep our attention and to really get emotionally attached to what he’s saying. I wish I was there to give him a really big hug after that happened.

  • Jamie

    honestly i cryed the first time i watched this. this hit me hard. i cryed more watching this then when i watched him come out about having diabetes. hes such an inspiration, an angel. i wrote this just today after watching this and seeing pictures: “We as fans will be with you to the end. Day and night, thru thick and thin. No matter what, we wont give up. We will stand our ground and continue to support, Nicholas Jerry Jonas and his diabetes cure.” im very proud of nick.