• denise

    hi i was just wondering what kind of camera did u use and wat row were u in?

  • they are both beautiful.
    amazing song. amazing vocals on both of their parts.
    gorgeous couple.

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    they are both infatuated by each other

    you can totally see the electic sparks between miley and nick

  • Jenny

    Nick only wants to get back together with Miley because he needs some publicity since the Jonas Brothers’ 3D movie flopped. lol.

  • I think that they donĀ“t have to be together because they hugged each other when the song was over, I believe that many other hugs each other after they have sung together, and that is kind of respect for them after the duett. And if they are Together, I am really happy for that, just leave them alone let them be together.

  • i think it’s great that therre hanging out

  • okay i HAVE to know what kind of camera this is! anyone know? please let me know! thanks!

    • we use a canon powershot is s3

  • Lisandra

    they make a cute couple and also play very well Jutes
    love them more
    is the most beautiful couple I have ever seen