Jonas Brothers & McFly Team Up In London


-The Jonas Brothers have been all around the globe the past few days. They visited Madrid, Paris and London. On Monday night, they performed at the Wembley Arena and performed a song with special guests, McFly. Check out pics from the past few Jonas events and a video of JB and McFly performing “Star Girl.”

Be sure to pick up “Lines, Vines and Trying Times,” out today!

  • lauren

    my two fav bands!!
    i love mcfly soo much been to load ov there concert
    never been 2 a jonas brothers concert but going in november
    it means so much that i get to see these sing together šŸ™‚

  • Carmel

    It would have been the best day of my life if I was there.
    I’ve seen McFly in Ireland, but I can’t get tickets for J.B.
    That’s a class version of Star Girl!

  • I love them so much <3333333333333
    NICK <3333

  • Britney

    McFly out shined them soo much!
    Nick just did not sing part of it well.
    <3 McFly

    Jb= ick

  • mia

    the first few seconds was so painful.
    mcfly >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> everyone else > jb (:

  • I was there it was so amazing hahaha i screamed so loud when McFly came on i was so shocked. Two of my favourite bands on stage together it was a dream come true <3