Jonas Brothers & Miley Cyrus ‘Before The Storm’ Preview


-They wouldn’t tell us who the special guest was in their live chat, but heck out a preview of the Jonas Brothers’ new song, “Before the Storm,” featuring Miley Cyrus! What do you think? Are you excited to hear the whole song? (Thanks steph90peace/esstebramaca)

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The Jonas Brothers are also up for two Much Music Awards (which they’ll be hosting). You can vote for them HERE.

AND, Radio Disney will be premiering the Jonas Brothers new CD on June 11th at 3pm PST / 6pm EST. Be sure to tune in!

  • tina

    i cant effin wait to hear it

  • Lana

    That sounds really great! I cant wait to see it its gonna rock!

  • Shawnee

    Aww! Now I really want 2 hear the song and the whole album! I can’t wait til it comes out June 16th! ( :

  • Katrina

    I knew it was going to be Miley. I can’t wait to hear the whole song. This anticipation sucks. 10 days and counting and I’m getting extremely anxious.

  • Analisa

    kinda sad that it’s miley BUT oh well lol i can’t wait for the rest of the cd

  • Jenny

    I can’t wait to hear the full song! I don’t like the Jonas Brothers, but I love Miley.