Carter Jenkins & Sterling Knight: MTV Movie Awards


-“Aliens in the Attic” star Carter Jenkins and “Sonny With A Chance” star Sterling Knight both attended the 2009 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday evening. Check back soon for our exclusive interview with Carter.

  • BECCA!

    Sterling! I love him so much!
    is it true that he’s like 20??

  • Cammy

    Sterling is the best part of SWAC and hilarious in 17 AGAIN! Such a hottie.

  • i luv sterling knnight i would so just like kill to meet him he is hot and sexy and just really hot anyway sterling u should call me lol bye

  • Danielle

    I rhink carter jenkins is such a great actor, and he’s really cute, and the surface was and still is my favorite tv show. I really hope i meet him someday.

    — Going to see aliens in the attic soon!
    Cant wait

  • Anonymous

    i like your hair and shirt

  • del deli

    So sweet- cute
    love your eyes