• Elizabeth

    Omg!I love Daren and Shailene sooooo much.Daren is soooo hot and shailene is soo pretty!!!I love secret life.Its my favorite show ever.John is adorable.I hope ricky and amy get together

  • Hey, all you readers out there! I have a question for you! What do YOU think would happen if Shai was pregant right now, in real life?How do YOU think she would
    react? Adoption, abortion, or would she end up keeping the baby?
    Also, do YOU think she could do it?Do YOU think she could give birth as a teenager, 9 months from this very day? Hold up, I know what you’re thinking,”This is the hardest question I was ever asked!”right? Well, think long and hard and
    read this over and over untill you come up with an answer! Then, post your answer on this website! HAVE FUN!