Selena Gomez: ‘The Reason I Miss Home’


-New youtube video from Selena Gomez! Hi Texas, hope you’re taking care of my family! Hope you’re doing well! I love you guys! God bless You Rock! She sings part of “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton. Selena also tweeted: 3 more days of shooting Ramona 🙁

When Selena returns to LA, she’ll finish working on her album, which she talks about in her latest myspace blog.

  • celine penrose

    heyyy selena my name is celine and i think ur amazing! im 13 and i just love ur shows and movies! 🙂

  • paytieee

    im thirteen toooooo

  • Celine Penrose

    woww… i wrote that a longg time ago. lol. but selena you really are amazing and i think its sooo cool our names are similar. hahaha. you are like amazingly beautiful and an amazing actress and singer. i wish i could meet youu. im now 14 and hope i can get in touch with you somehow. facebook???