Jesse McCartney ‘Body Language’ W/ T-Pain: Yay or Nay


-Looks like Jesse McCartney is all about the remixes and collaborations lately. His last single, “How Do You Sleep?,” was re-released as a collaboration with Ludacris. Now it looks like Hollywood Records is ready to release “Body Language” as his new single, but not the original version. Jesse’s teamed up with T Pain for a remix of the catchy song. Take a listen to the remix below and let us know what you think.

Some Jesse fans would rather the original song be released as a single instead of the collaboration. Courtney sent us a petition and explained why she and her fellow Jesse fans prefer the original be released: “Many fans, feel that T-Pain is just way too dominate in the remix and people are already beginning to call it “T-Pain’s song”. That’s only hurting Jesse more and we’re trying to look out for him. We have nothing but good intentions with this petition.”

If you feel the same way, check out and sign this petition. They need 500 signatures to be able to send it on to the label.

Remix w/ T Pain


  • Sarah

    i already signed the petition three times and send it to all my friends

  • Stephanie

    I most definitely prefer the original. I LOVE JESSE SO MUCH! I don’t even like the remix with Ludacris. Nothing against Luda, I think is talented and I respect him for it. But I love Jesse WAY More. The part were he goes I’m Liftin Up My Voice to Say The Hottest Girl In the World Today….IS MY FAV PART OF THE SONG! And Jesse sings it WAY better than T-Pain. I hope the original is released. PPL need to know Jesse’s talent not T-pains.

    Peace, Love, & Happiness
    -Stephanie, FL

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  • I prefer the original track and i’m a really big fan of Jesse McCartney too but i believe that the remix wiil be released with good intentions. Jesse Mccartney needs a collaboration to help him enable himself to establish a better ground as a singer. When It’s Over was released as his second single, it did not receive as much airplay as How Do You Sleep? which was featuring Ludacris. This shows that they believe that with T-Pain in Body Language, this single would be able to reach similiar success or even better maybe just like Leavin’ did. We as fan should be happy that his improving musically and should support him all the way. He needs all our support and love. Just continue to request for his single on your local radio station. He needs to be known to more people first before standing on his own and this is one of the steps taken. Hope you guys understand me.

    With good intentions

  • parekura

    he so sounds better with t-pain it sounds better

  • laquita

    I’m a huge fan of Jesse Mccartney. I have been for the longest. Of course I love basically everything he does. Now, the original “Body Lan.” is awesome, but I think Jesse in on to something by including T-Pain into the song. It’ll appeal to a larger demographic.