And the American Idol Winner Is…


-The winner of Season 8 of American Idol was just crowned. The show was packed with celebrity guests like Jason Mraz, the Black Eyed Peas, Santana and more.

What were your thoughts on the winner? In order to not spoil it for the west coasters…to find out the winner as well as see pics of former idol contestants like Diana DeGarmo, David Cook, etc and more on the carpet, click inside.

Click inside to find out the winner & for pics from the carpet

Congrats to Kris Allen! Who did you want to win…Adam or Kris?

  • Chelsea

    AMAZING! Kris deserved it!

  • berrypunch

    i didnt watch american idol but i thought kris should win..

  • Anonymous

    Adam is a far, FAR more talented singer than Kris. Adam has a range, from quiet songs to loud rock music, and sounds amazing in all ways. If only America voted based on talent on not based on lifestyle or LOOKS, this competition would be an actual legitimate talent show. It’s a real shame we are so shallow as a country.