Miley & Jonas Bros PSA’s For Friends For Change


-As announced earlier today many Disney stars are teaming up for the Friends For Change campaign. Starting tomorrow, Disney Channel and Radio Disney will air the first in a year-long series of on-air messages about the initiative featuring Disney Channel stars challenging kids to join them in registering and pledging their environmental leadership by making small, eco-friendly changes in their daily lives.

Below are the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus’ PSAs. (Thanks ET)

  • francesca

    i love the way they’re walking up the hill thing.

  • Shawnee

    I think that is so amazing how all the Disney Channel stars are speaking out and using there voice to talk about helping our enviorment! I love them all! (=

  • Jenny

    I liked Miley’s PSA thing.
    But the Jonas Brothers’ one was corny.

  • karolyn

    i want to clean up the trash from the city i wanan do this because i want to help the enviorment i think that if we help the world it can be better and cleaner may be for every. i will like to the thing you are doing to help the world.