What Did You Think Of “Paranoid”


-We asked on twitter, but we want to know what you think of the Jonas Brothers’ new single, “Paranoid.” Give it a listen below and let us know! JB will be performing that in their live chat on facebook starting at 8pm EST. (Thanks Ally)

Also check out a pic Joe tweeted of world tour rehearsals.

  • sara ( AquaSatarsara526

    I like it, Paranoid- it had to talk about ex’s

  • Its not the tipical jobros song, but im still loving it, its a new style, i like it, cant wait to hear the whole cd!!

  • Ally J

    Thanks for using my video. I’m really digging their new sound.

  • Katrina

    It is absolutely amazing. I love the new sound. It’s more mature. I can’t wait for the rest of th CD. I love the honesty of the lyrics. It gives an insight to what they are feeling.

  • Jennifer

    I love this song, i like there new “sound” its great, can’t wait to see them:) again.

  • Sydnee A

    I LOVE IT, its not them but i love it ahh their so great

  • I think it’s lame.
    Sorry Jonas Brothers..no offence to Jonas fans…

  • I think it’s awesome……..
    very nice song…..
    i heart Every day and every night
    It’s the one thing on my mind…..lol
    I luv as i luv Jonas Brothers……….