McFly & David Rock Out Fairfield Halls


McFly and opener David Archuleta brought their tour to Fairfield Halls in London on May 5th. Check out pics below.

McFly’s Radio:Active Live at the Wembley Tour DVD also goes on sale May 11th in the UK. Check out a preview below.

Radio:Active Live At Wembley DVD – Dougie in disguise

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    love love david archuleta

  • sasha

    Rock on David Archuleta soooo hot!!

  • nicki

    Ive seen david twice and Im goin again in July, and im still excited, thats when you know an artist< they always keep you guessing and wanting more!!!!! You just gotta LOVE him!!!!

  • lindy

    David Archuleta-Amazing voice, awesome performer!!!!

  • Susie

    David Archuleta not only has a beautiful voice, but a heart & soul that is a role model to teens (and all) unmatched in these days!!! He is a perfect example of someone who is true to himself & not afraid to project to the world his purist beliefs – that is why he has fans of all ages; who follow, honor & respect him.

  • archangel

    you are so right we really do respect and honor him

  • Cooloo

    wooo!!! I LOVE David Archuleta<333
    hope he does a solo UK tour soon! 6 songs was NOT enough!! … he started doing 7 after my show though 🙁

  • Karen

    I’m seeing David again in the US in July. It’ll be the seventh time I’ve seen him. I cannot wait! He is soooo good, very sweet, and just plain gorgeous.

  • jenny

    im fron the us and love mcfly,,,plus david!!!
    perfect band
    perfect solo artist