Jonas Brothers Lines Vines & Trying Times Photoshoot


-Check out a few great HQ shots from the Jonas Brothers photoshoot for their new album, Lines, Vines, and Trying Times. Thanks to JonasHQ for one of the pics. (Credit: M. Albiani/Hollywood)

What do you think of the rugged, southern kind of look compared to their past albums? Do you like them more dressed up or casual?

  • hasna

    whoa theyre looking hot 😀

  • BECCA!

    cute! i think they should have used the one with joes feet up on the chair! thats my fave!
    Oh! and I am using it as my backround FYI. you said to tell you, so I did. (:

  • wishfulthinker

    Love all their looks, love the fact that they can switch it up, that’s what makes it so real instead of just staying one way all the time and pretending it is what you are, if they are in the southern rock soulful look right now, that is what they should wear, fine by me……