Ask Forever The Sickest Kids


-We’ll be sitting down with Forever the Sickest Kids tomorrow night at their show at the Crocodile Rock in Allentown. We want to give you all a chance to ask some questions.

Comment this post with your first name, city and state along with your question. We will pick some of the questions to ask the guys. We aren’t sure how long we’ll get with the guys, but we’ll try to ask as many as we can. Commenting will stay open until 9 am tomorrow (May 8th).

  • kim


    what do each of you look for in a girl?
    and what was the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for a crush/gf or just someone special?

    are you planning on touring in canada anytime sooon!? ๐Ÿ™‚

    thankss Shine On Media, you guys are amazing!

  • Chelsea

    I saw the youtube video with Selena Gomez and I heard the song you sang with her was going to be on iTunes. When it will it be released? And how do you like working with Selena Gomez?

    Monaca, Pennsylvania

  • kim

    oops forgot to write my name, and where i was from!

    Windsor, Ontario Canada

  • kati

    hey guys
    i was wondering what are your plans for this summer?
    are u going on tour?
    i know you are going on warptour but u start on july 22.
    i heard u were going on tour with all time low and cartel this summer?
    is this true
    and if it is
    are u coming tou south jersey?
    and are any of you guys are single (mostly johnanthan i am asking this question toward you)
    collingswood,new jersey

  • Hey =)

    Are you planning on going on tour later this year?
    because I would love it if you could come to Allentown again since I couldn’t go to the show at Croc Rock and I’d absolutely love to see my favorite band live again
    you guys rock<3


    Slatedale, Pennsylvania

  • Ally J

    What inspires their songs?
    What musicians would they like to work with?

  • Soyer

    hey are you guys doing any songs on Selena’s CD?

  • I’ll be there! If you need help with the interview e-mail me (haha)

    Courtney, Philadelphia, PA
    My question:
    Did you contact Selena Gomez or did she contact you when she became a fan?

  • Ally J

    i forgot to leave my info
    Ally J
    Mishawaka, IN
    What inspires their songs?
    What musicians would they like to work with?
    We know selena loves them how do they feel about her?

  • Sarah

    What is your dream collaboration?

    If you could tour with anyone, dead or alive, who would you tour with?

    If each of you had a chance to go back in time and tell your parents what to name you, what would you name yourself?
    ^^^(I love that question haha)

    Wiggins, Mississippi

  • Regina Lane

    To Jonathan Cook:

    Do you still have a crush on Taylor Swift? If so, have you had a chance to meet her yet?

    Pineville, Kentucky

  • how did you become friends with selena?
    whats it like being friends with selena?
    what was it like performing at Bamboozle?
    Whats on your top 25 most played on your ipod?
    is it hard being in a band with so many people (do you get along well?)
    biggest goal?

  • what are some of your musical inspirations?
    what is your favorite cereal?
    what is your current obsession?
    what is your favorite song to perform?
    when is your song with selena going to be on iTunes?
    what is your favorite movie?
    what is your favorite flavor of poptarts?
    want to be best friends? haha (:
    what is your biggest fear?
    what is your favorite color in a crayon box?
    and last but not least: pirates or ninjas? (choose wisely haha)

    wheeling, west virginia

    thanks for being amazing SOM.
    its really cool how you ask for our opinion / questions for things like this.
    ps- i should get bonus points for guessing who you were interviewing on twitter today. lol. just kidding. ๐Ÿ™‚