Demi Lovato Talks Veronicas, William Beckett, New Album & More


Demi Lovato chatted with Buzznet at Bamboozle. Find out what inspired Demi to make her new album more soulful, get the details on Demi’s work relationship with William Beckett (singer) from the The Academy Is and the song they wrote called “For the Love of a Daughter”, and find out who she would put on her ultimate girl power tour.

  • Bradley

    I’m dying to hear what ‘For the love of a daughter’ will sound like

  • LJ

    Gr.. still have to wait 2 more months ! I can’t wait for her new album to come out ! So excited to hear it ! I’m sure it’ll be amazing, no doubt in my mind : )
    Love her <3

  • qrcp87RLlkuvp11q-UnVt5BrGZFMUjAHOx3WNP5iNtM.

    i <3 her!!!!!

  • berrypunch

    i <3 her!!!! cant wait for the new album!!!