Aaron Stone Gets 2nd Season, Viper Slap Picked Up


-Great news for Kelly Blatz and Logan Miller!! Disney XD’s first original series, “Aaron Stone,” has been renewed for a second season according to the Hollywood Reporter. The channel has also picked up a new comedy called “Viper Slap.” The show is about a teenage boy (Logan Miller: Ghosts of Girlfriends Past) who is living his dream as the new lead guitarist of his favorite ’80s rock band, Viper Slap, while helping them on the comeback trail.

Kelly is also starring in Disney XD’s first Original Movie called Skyrunners. “Skyrunners” begins as teenage brothers Tyler (newcomer Joey Pollari) and Nick Burns (Blatz) commandeer a small UFO that crashes near their town. They soon realize that the spacecraft is “alive” and Tyler begins to develop superhuman abilities. When the brothers uncover an ominous alien plot to take over Earth, Tyler is captured by the extraterrestrials, so now it’s up to Nick to rescue his brother.

More from the article: Disney Channel senior vp Adam Bonnett, who oversees development and current series for Disney XD, said his team had been looking for a “Hannah Montana”-type music-flavored comedy vehicle for boys and found it in “Slap.”

“It represents a fresh way to approach a music-driven concept that targets boys,” he said.

Production on “Slap,” exec produced by Kaplan and Richard Gurman, will start in July.

Production will begin in June on the second season of “Stone.”

Since its February launch, “Stone,” about a world champion video game player (Kelly Blatz) doubling as a secret hero, has improved the network’s year-ago ratings by 67% among kids 6-14. The series is exec produced by Bruce Kalish and Suzanne French.

“Viper Slap,” a multi-camera sitcom, will begin production in July. It introduces a teenager named Ryan Hayes who gets the chance to be the new lead guitarist in his favorite “vintage” rock band, Viper Slap, and now is determined to help the band he idolizes make an epic comeback. He’s certainly got his work cut out for him because the band is a trio of rock star misfits who’ve fallen so far that they’re forced to take up residence in Ryan’s house. Nonetheless, in their own off the wall way, they’ll do their best to help Ryan navigate his teenage years with the goal of turning him into a bona fide rock star.

  • Sam Crazey

    If they wanted a boy like hannah montana style music comedy….all they have to is like a Donson Wisconsin! or something???? and use a black boy this time, cause everybody is white at disney channel.. i mean yo have hannah montana..white, jobros–hannah montana, savannah…white, demi,..white….selena…white well kindof white.!!

  • doc shaw,black…kyle massie,black…raven simone, black.they aint all white

  • MayjorBoredom2509

    @bekah: doc shaw is also the only black person they havent kicked off disney channel yet. cory in the house GONE. thatsso raven GONE.

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