Taylor Swift & Lucas Till – You Belong With Me Music Video


-Check out Taylor Swift’s official music video for her single, “You Belong With Me” starring Lucas Till. What do you think? Also be sure to check out Taylor’s video for “The Best Day.”.

  • bonniemaee(:

    i LOVE it.
    its so cutee<3

  • babyphillips92

    I love it. This song is awesome

  • cynthia.

    this is a great music video. This song is the story of my life lol which is y i love it soo much

  • ahhhh she’s so lucky! she got to kiss him!!! lol dammmmm he’s so fine.

    this is such a cute music video:]]

  • Jennifer

    that was the cutest video i have ever seen:)

  • Melanie

    they should so go out!

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  • this video is soo cute! i would love it if that was me, mainly because he is so cute and it’s such a fairytale ending! i love it, and them 🙂

  • p.s i can really relate to this song and they should go out!! he apparently had a crush on her 😀

  • this is the most awesome video i have ever seen. i relate to this song so much and i love it. lucas is so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD LOVE TO KISS HIM!

  • Better Than Love Story

    omg this music video is the best the video +the song + the lyrics +the music = fairytale

  • Anonymous

    i love lucas and the video i just think it has the rite words the right people everything its great. it really makes u wish like u were a princess

  • ♥this is the beautiful music video i’ ve ever seen♥

  • Sara

    I love this video and Taylor.Lucas,too<3.