Lucas Till’s Embarrassing Moment From ‘You Belong With Me’ Video


Lucas Till dished his most embarrassing moment on the set of Taylor Swift’s music video for “You Belong With Me” to Tiger Beat. Check it out below.

  • Panda

    That’s OK Lucas, I still love u!!

  • hey lucas its alright every body gets embarrassed, but just know that i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • its ok we all fall on our face we still LOVEEEEE YOUUUUUU YOU ARE FINE be sure to stop in baxley Ga

  • Jennifer

    Aha lucas ur so cute and funny and u have the mostt amazing voice in the world:P im reallii happy that taylor swift decided to place you in her video I thought you did an amazing job:)

  • hey lucas lookin hot 4get about ur embrassement u r a peng ting cya bi xxxx

  • morgan

    omg ppl.
    you people are obsessed!
    “i love you lucas!!”
    “you’re soo hott”
    “i looooovvveeee yoooouuu!!!!!!”
    what the hell? jesus.
    hes cute and all but ya know you people DONT STAND A CHANCE.
    so get a hold of yourselves.

  • Anonymous

    he is soooooooooooooo cool! i know his address! it said it in a magizne along with selena gomez and a lot more. I am His #1 fan in the whole wide world! (including space)

  • valeria

    la verdad es que taylor swift y lucas arian tan bonita pareja xk se veian tan lindos en el video de taylor y el beso fue magico en el video de you belong with me

    bueno ogala que esten gunto bye besos


  • gülcan

    seni çoookk seviyorm.

  • gülcan

    yaaa ben seni çok seviyorum.Seninle tanışmak istiyorum.<3

  • U know me

    Haha well… i dont think that is something u must get embarrased of, at the end we are humans, aint we? We make mistakes lots of times. Oh btw, Lucas, u look so much like my boyfriend… it makes me wonder that u are twins or something… lol.

  • diana

    haha i think that is a little bit emabarassing. In a presentation i had to kiss someone. it was really bad to me because i didnt like the boy, was horrible 🙁

  • ashley

    I love you lucas