Taylor Swift Kicks Off Fearless Tour


Taylor Swift dons a modified marching band uniform to perform her new single, “You Belong With Me,” as she kicked off her “Fearless” Tour in Evansville, IN on Thursday night.

She tweeted yesterday: “I’ve just been informed that it’s Taylor Swift Day in Evansville, Indiana. Now I’m painting a 13 on my hand for good luck. First night!”

Check out a great video montage of concert footage and press conference below which was posted on Taylor’s Facebook Fan Page. Love her concert outfits! Are you planning on seeing Taylor on tour this summer?

Check out some more good tour videos HERE.

  • Wow

    Seriously, singing with a Joe hair-lookalike? This makes me feel embarrassed for her.

  • andrea

    i LOOOVE taylor, and her music but..

  • Katrina

    WOW really a Joe Look A Like. I know he is hot and all, but i officially think it’s time to move on. That is just childish.

  • PerryP

    That’s a Hoda Kotb lookalike to match the interview footage…not JJ. She’s wearing the same top as Hoda and it’s a girl in the chair. Besides, although Joe’s hair is a bit girly, that wig is definitely a girl’s wig.

  • Alicia

    it wasnt a wig, it was a dancer who had that hair. watch her newest vid on myspace he is in it

  • Nicole

    hey guys guess what thats not a joe look a like thats supposed to look like the reporter shes not like that