Mitchel Musso Album Track Listing


-Check out the track listing for Mitchel Musso’s debut self-titled album. It is in stores on June 2nd. It features a duet with Katelyn Tarver. It will also unlock an exclusive stream of Let’s Make This Last 4 Ever performed on Hannah Montana and also includes a fold-out poster. (Credit:

1. Hey
2. Speed Dial
3. Us Against The World (featuring Katelyn Tarver)
4. Do It Up
5. Shout It
6. Welcome To Hollywood
7. (You Didn’t Have To) Walk Away
8. Get Out
9. How To Lose A Girl
10. The In Crowd
11. Odd Man Out
12. Movin’ In

  • McKayla

    I can’t wait to get his cd! I pre-ordered it! 😀 I love Mitchel!

  • Mareen

    Mitchel is awesome !
    I pre-ordered his album..
    now i really wanna have it 😀

  • Lauren

    I love “The In Crowd.” TO be honest it’s the only song I’ve heard off this album! I may not sound that dedicated but I am so excited! I have an 8 hour flight to Thailand the month the CD come out! So I will be groovin to Mitchel the whole way!!!!

  • i love mitchel musso sssssssso much he is the best ever i from iraq we love mitchel so so much & stand out its so good song your #1 fan love mitchel 4ever

  • mia

    love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much i want meet him but i cant i live in iraq he is ssssssssso hot miley/emily/selsna/demi/jonasand mitchel are the best in the world yuor #1 fan