Sterling Knight: “I’m Miserably Single At This Point”


Sterling Knight chatted with WZAP’s Zach Sang today. He dished:

“I’m miserably single at this point. People think I’m obscenely cool, but then they find out I’m kind of a dork,” he says.

“Usually, I’m the one who’s trying to make really awkward jokes and trying to get a smile,” he adds of his inability to impress the ladies. “And usually I fail pretty miserably.”

During the two-hour interview (which may be a BlogTalkRadio record for a celebrity chat), Sterling also reveals his admiration for the founder of and, Jared Eng.

“I’d actually be more star-struck meeting Jared than I was meeting Zac Efron,” he says.

Among the many other fascinating tidbits you’ll learn about Sterling include:

-Why he wrote a story using nothing but the titles of John Mayer songs.

-What kind of car he currently drives – and how he plans to “pimp” that ride.

-Why he believes that “Twitter is kind of like volunteering to be stalked.”

-Why he’s worried about his dental hygiene – and wants to embark on a “floss revolution.”

-Why he says, “I think we should abolish political correctness.”

-Why him and Zach are a match made in bromance heaven.

-Why Sterling and Zach have an obsession with “Jesus Toast”

Listen to the full interview inside…

  • eatalot

    hey zach i think that sterling knight is really cool!! and the fact that he doesnt mind beening dorky and a lil crazy is my type of guy!! i think that makes him even more attractive!! i think its a big shame will never meet
    🙁 and i also think that his name is cool x

  • hey i think sterling is the best disney channel star evr! idc if he thins he is dorky he is awsome and that doesnt matter to me. it doesnt matter if he feels silly because i think that he rox! and his name is sooo cool! and no offense to miley but you and sterling could totally conquer their fans! and honestly i luv you sterling so so much! you 2 rock! luv ya!

  • SterlingKnightsGirl!