Lucas Till…Taylor Swift’s New Leading Video Man?


Taylor Swift is known for having some pretty cute leading men in her music videos. Looks like her new video for “You Belong With Me” is no exception. It looks like her leading man is none other than Hannah Montana: The Movie‘s Lucas Till!!

These pictures were posted on a Lucas’ official fansite myspace. The uniform he is wearing matches the cheerleading outfit Taylor is wearing in this video. So I guess we’ll have to wait and see if it’s true…but let’s hope it is!

Do you think Lucas is a good choice?

  • sure, why not…?
    I don’t think they fit as a couple, though. :p
    but he seems pretty cool, and I’m already excited for the music video. šŸ˜€

  • Barbara

    definately ! he is absolutely gorgous and his smile will just make everything better

  • yes. i love lucas till. hes a great actor. and i think him and taylor would look really cute together.

  • Kaitlyn

    ummm maybe. talyor is really pretty hes really hot. but they kinda look like brother and sister. im thinking just friends?

  • Stephanie

    I think that if they are a couple, that is finally great news for Taylor. She deserves a “better” boyfriend than the JONAS BRO she used to date. This guy looks alot more MATURE than the OLD one!!lol..GOOD LUCK Taylor…u deserve the best!!

  • ranuka

    sure!! why not…. they are perfect for each other and he really likes her….!!

  • wo0ot!! its really cute i like her…….>_<