Cole & Dylan Sprouse People Special On Newsstands Now


People magazine’s special: Zack and Cody: All About the Sprouse Twins, hits newsstands today. To celebrate the release, Cole & Dylan are featured along with their dogs on People’s Pets. Check it out below:

All about English bulldog Bubba, 3:
The senior Sprouse dog was a Valentine’s gift from the boys’ dad. Though he mainly sleeps in Dad’s room, the boys steal him away from time to time for a snooze. According to Dylan, the big guy has quite an appetite! “He enjoys every type of food he can get his massive jowls on,” he tells PEOPLE. As for his fun name? “He was born in Tennessee, so the name Bubba just stuck.”

The scoop on French bulldog Curry, 1:
“Curry’s the lover of the two,” says Cole. “She loves to meet everyone.” She also loves to drive her puppy sibling wild, by nipping at his feet and ears. Hailing from Georgia, she is named for Japanese curry, which both boys like to eat. Curry’s tastes, however, are not as refined. “She eats dirt, leaves, flowers – she’s always chewing on something,” says Cole.

Be sure to pick up your copy!

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