Ask Honor Society! We Want Your Questions


-We’ll be sitting down to interview one of our favorite groups soon…Honor Society!! We’ve interviewed them a few times before, so for this interview, it’s all about you!

We want to ask them YOUR questions! So leave your questions here and we’ll pick some to ask the guys (as long as they’re appropriate of course).

Leave your questions here between now and Friday morning.

  • What was their experience in Puerto Rico like?

    How old are they?

  • tori

    ask if they’re doing meet and greets for the JB tour and how we can get them pleasee!

  • Madison

    Would THEY ever date a fan ?
    Who do they look up to as musicians ?

  • Lindsay

    what is your favorite song to perform live?

  • the beast

    Whats their favorite brand of orange juice?
    Do they prefer the word hoodlum or hooligan.
    && Who inspired See you in the dark?


  • What is it like working with the Jonas Brothers,and how did you get your start?

  • if i bring you snuggies will you guys wear them on stage?
    what are you more excited for the jb tour or bamboozle?
    if you each had to pick a favorite song of all time what song would you pick?

  • Briana

    How tall are they?
    What is their favorite song to perform, or their favorite to record?

  • Bethany

    Please ask them if they are going to do meet and greets on the jonas brothers tour and how exactly it will work if they do them!

  • daisy

    are you doing any meet and greets for the world tour and do you ever flirt with any of the fans you meet? :] thanks

  • Katelyn

    What has been the most memorable show you have played so far in your careers?


    What has been the biggest difference about the west coast compared to where you grew up, the east coast?

  • What’s their favorite song they’ve ever written?

  • Elexus Harris

    What’s the best part of obviously being so close to us fans???

    Elexus from california

  • are they planning on going on tour?
    are they planning on coming to miami, FL anytime soon? or in the area…
    are they gonna have any contests?

  • Shelby

    what is the craziest thing you have ever done

  • Shelby

    what is the craziest thing you’ve ever done

  • You guys have been on the West Coast since fall. What is one thing you miss about home?

  • Rooney Grace

    What do you miss about playing shows on the East Coast?


    Do you miss any fans from the East Coast being at shows?


    Will you ever have a PPP in New York?

  • Jenny

    Who is the most gullible? Best practical joker?

    Do you remember Jenny and Kayleen, the girls that rapped for you before the HOB?
    ahah I had to ask.
    They are amazing. :]
    I miss them very much.

  • hello there.
    i have a few questions i would love to be answered 🙂

    -what musicians past or present have influenced their music?
    -what musicians would they like to collaborate with in the future?


  • Norma

    What nationality are you guys?
    Any guilty pleasures?
    Can I ‘honor roll’ it up to all you’re songs? Or just ‘See U In The Dark’?
    Shout out to Norma & Adrienne pleaseeeeee?

  • Loretta

    Do you ever get home sick for the East coast?

    What’s your favorite place to eat at in LA?

    What was the first thing you had to do when you first moved to LA?

  • Jasmine

    1) What nationality are you guys?
    2) If you weren’t in a band, what would you do?

  • thank you guys so much for this!! :]
    they’re my favorte bannd 😀
    ive got plenty of q’s haha

    okk this first one is a MUSTTT pleasee!
    1.What is the best present williis has ever gotten?
    2.anyone other than mike have tattoos?
    3.dirty little secrets??
    4.ever been married?
    5.How was meeting kanye west?
    6.Is Jason Jewish?? ive always wondered that haha
    7.did u stay at the jonas brothers’ house while in texas or a hotel
    8.what are some awesome things fans have done for you
    9. what different types of fan art do u get??
    10.who are some amazing artists, other than jbs have u met?

    there are much more but those arre some of hte ones NEEDDD answered hahhaah

  • ooo andd ask them if they’d ever pull a fan onstage to honor roll!!
    and that i (Soha) should be the first at the cowboys stadium to do so! haha

  • Kirby

    do they have any siblings?

  • t

    what do they do with presents fans give them?

    coolest present a fan has ever given them?

    do they ever save pictures of them and fans thats fans send to their myspace, or pictures fans send from concerts of them?

    favorite thing about living in LA compared to the east coast?

    favorite movie?

    who writes the songs, and where do the inspirations come from?

    have they ever written a song about, for or to a fan?

    while living out in LA have they felt home sick at all?

    who are their biggest influences musically?

    how do they choose who gets shotgun in the car?

    how did they decide who would share rooms?

    who would they most like to meet in the music industry (dead or alive?)

    what song would they love to cover?

    ideal first date with a girl?

    i think thats enough for now haha 🙂

  • Jasmine

    Are you guys single?

  • t

    why does andrew prefer to be called andrew lee and not andrew schmidt?

    why did they change the name from air bourne to honor society?

    where did the word ‘crush’ come from? lol

  • Ask them about their ALO bracelets….where Mike, Alex and Jay’s are? Andrew should be wearing his…you should be too Lisa.

  • cynthia

    1. whats a present they’d love to recieve from a fan
    2. hows there collaboration with the jonas brothers effected the number of fan they’ve had?
    3. whats their favorite song that they sing?
    4. whats their favorite song to perform and why?

  • Caitlin

    How did they come up with the phrase “duh”?
    Why did they decide to re-record ‘See U In The Dark”?
    Can they do the Hoedown Throwdown?
    What’s their favorite song of theirs?
    What are their favorite places to shop?
    What was their best April Fool’s prank?

  • veronica

    1) where do the inspiration for songs come from?

    2) what’s the story behind “don’t close the book”

    3) if you could go back and redo one thing, what would it be?

  • Kayleen

    1. are you doing public meet and greets on the World Tour, or are you going to make it where you have to win them?
    2. What is the coolest thing a fan, or anyone in general, ever done for you?
    3. Where is one place you’d love to travel?
    4. How many times do you change the lyrics to your songs before actually making a decision?
    5. Do you straighten your hair?
    6. What is one thing you’d love to accomplish in life?
    7. What are you looking forward to in the next year or so?
    8. Wanna go to Disneyland with me? (:

  • Courtney

    1) Whats their biggest pet peeve?
    2) Which gent is the best cook?
    3) Whats their fav football teams?
    4) What do they miss about the east side?
    5) Where is their most ticklesh spot?
    6) What is their most and least fav food?
    7) What do they think when girls burp?
    (just wondering cause some guys think its sexii)

  • Joy

    _USC or UCLA football ?
    _What pranks did you play for April fools ?
    _What’s the best thing a fan can do for you ?
    _How do you decide who drives or not ?
    _Do you guys ever fight ?
    _Birthdays ?
    _Best show on MTV ?
    _Public GREET and meet ;D for the world tour ?
    _What time do you usually fall asleep ?
    _What was the best show you played ?
    _Alex will you do the hoedown throwdown ? 😛

  • Katie

    Will you guys be performing songs off your upcoming CD on tour this summer?


  • Gabby

    How long have each of them been playing their instruments?

    What made them want to start playing their instruments?

    If they could go back in time and change something in their life, what would it be?

  • My Question to Honor Society:

    1. If you could be any kind of JELLO, what kind would you be?

    2. You say you don’t play shows, you throw parties…Will you pre-party with us before the Jonas Brothers concert in Toronto this summer?!?

  • 3. Will Team Hilario reunite on the Summer Tour this year???? We want Hilario back!!!!!

  • soha

    ok sorry i just thought up 5687 more questions

    hidden talents?
    favorite color?
    when are their birthdays? the only one i know is Jay’s

  • Maria

    I’m (and other European fans) are dying to know if HS is going to be openeing act for JB when they com eto Europe???

  • rachel

    Thank you for letting us ask questions! 🙂

    Most of mine were already asked, but i was actually wondering if any of the boys went to college, and where, and what they studied there.


  • Jasmine

    What are your middle names?

  • Patricia

    Shine On Media thanks for the opportunity to ask questions. I absolutelyy love themm so hopefully they answer at least one of my questions 🙂

    1. What do they look for in a girl?
    2. Name 3 things you can’t live without
    3. Favorite Sports/Sports Teams
    4. Role Models?

    ..this isn’t really a question..but can you make them play word associations lol those are really funn and i think they’d be really funny at it 🙂

    ok thats it lol thankk youu!

  • Anonymous

    ask varsity fanclub to come to corapolis