• AllyJ

    Aveenue Q is one of the funniest things in the world. I bet Joe loved it.

  • Khadijah

    If joe was in the city n I missed him I will be pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • audij

    they look lik they just friends they not even touchin

  • jennifer

    She always has such a seductive face on. man, i am glad i live away from anywhere like that, starts drama every time:/

  • Dana

    I love joe(:
    but him and camilla.. idk. they look more like friends..

  • Lisa Ling

    If they’re just friends, why’d she leave Las Vegas, where she was visiting friends and family, to fly to NYC to see a play with Joe? I don’t think they’re just friends, people.

  • LizzyLemonic

    I agree, Lisa, but at the same time, their body language IS totally strange. They don’t touch or seem all that comfortable with each other (or at least Joe doesn’t seem comfortable with being photographed with her and gets awkward when there are cameras around…very possible, but still odd…maybe he’s just holding back real hard – but she’s turned towards him, and he’s turned away, in this photo – not lovey dovey. Body language can’t lie unless you’re a really good faker)! So I agree something is up in some way. But hey, whatever their status is, she gets to hang out with him constantly and go fun places with him – awkward photo ops and all, I am totally jealous and I’d take it!!! 😛

  • jobrofan1

    They didn’t travel to NY.
    They saw the touring company of Avenue Q in Orange County.
    Those are not fans in the pic.
    It’s the cast and crew of the National tour of Avenue Q.
    Wow. The press is so eager to spread rumors, that they dont care about facts.