Nick Jonas & Miley Cyrus Fender Bender Video


-Here’s the video of Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus out for lunch at the Village Idiot today. As they were pulling out, it was a tight squeeze and Nick scraped one of the paparazzi’s cars and lost a panel off his car. Wonder if the guy gave the piece of the car back to Nick, because at the end of the video he’s still holding it as they drive away.

Watch the video below. (Warning: At the very end there is some foul language from the guy who’s car they hit) Pics are HERE.

Edit: Here’s another video of Nick and Miley.

  • vikk

    OMG! -safado66′

  • Jackie

    That’s what that guy gets for being in their business

  • Awww Thats harshful words but who cares the guys a jerk GO NICK! bang up his car! LOL but that sucks he kinda ruined his amazing Mustang too ):

  • Kara

    That guy at the end needs to shut his mouth.
    Nobody even knows who he is.
    He shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Let Nick and Miley eat in private.

    Nick’s car is freakin’ INSANE! I love it!!!

  • Brittnee

    I really think Nick and Miley are so cute together. And, Nick was trying to make a great right turn. And, The Guy that was getting upset come on it just a car . I really think that Nick did a great job . I hope to see more of Miley and Nick more on hollywood tv together having fun.

  • Rae

    poor nick that it had to get caught on tape and mess up his beautiful car, i would feel embarrassed haha. but the stupid paparazzi deserved it! lol

  • Chelsea

    That made me mad! I hate the paparazzi so I could only imagine what they feel like. That guy was a total JERK! Poor Nick and Miley!

  • LOL i just watched the second video and when there goin inside Nick looks SO frustrated and MAD. woo Hopefully he’s doin ok! haha

  • sydney

    so much for being a gentleman an holding the door open, i thought thats what they said theyd do for any girl..
    and why the hell isnt miley wearing her seatbelt AGAIN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    nice car though

  • Marie

    I would just let them have their privacy its their personal life not ours!!!

  • nataliiee

    omg you stupid paparrazzi if you had left them alone in the first place tat would have neva happeneed

  • miley u dont even care if nicks car gets messed up u just sittin there maybe that resturant name goes good with u and i hope she dont have kids cuz shes going to suck being a mom!!!! i hate u miley cyrus and i hope nick dont go with u anymore! u posting naked pics and nasty pics on the web! maybe some of us r christans and i know i am but i no u aint!

  • @nataliiee: if they havent have done that u wouldnt b watching this right now would u!!!???

  • Anonymous

    The dude at the end just needs to stay out of their
    Bussines it’s a total shame that nick ruined his car on
    Account of that weird dude