Lucas Till Reveals A Secret About Miley


-To celebrate the release of Hannah Montana: The Movie, Tiger Beat is releasing videos from the cast all week long. Check out a secret about Miley from Lucas Till.

  • Kathy

    My daughter Nicole was asked out by Lucas a few years ago in High School (she graduated with him) but turned him down. She told him when he got rich and famous, she’d then marry him. (jokingly)

  • Jenny

    Uhm, I do that same thing? >:(

  • eli

    to kathy–
    why did ur daughter turn him down?
    hes totally hot

  • Kenley

    I have to agrre with elli cause he is so fine

  • jfcjcd


  • kristen

    he is beautifullll

  • tabitha

    HE IS SOO FINE!! 🙂

  • Aiel

    i think if she didnt like him then she made the rifht decion. you shoulnt like some 1 for thr looks or cuz hes famous! you should like them for who they r and the way they treat you

  • Lucas till is like HOTT what the hell was your daighter thinking kathy…
    major issues