Kevin & Danielle: Neiman Marcus Shoppers


Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa were spotted shopping at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills on Sunday afternoon. On Saturday, they were spotted having lunch at the Aroma Cafe. Check out pics of the lunch date at JonasHQ and pics shopping below.

  • I’m so happy for Kevin! they’re such a cute couple! i hope it doesnt break

  • awwawwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!

  • ohmigod, they are so cute! i literally “awww”‘d! : D
    and wow – she is GORGEOUS. i love her hair straightened. and her outfit is so pretty. : ]

  • lydia

    I LOVE THEM <33. haha.

  • Michelle

    Yes they are cute, but seeing him with his girlfriend makes me sad. Since kevin is my favorite Jonas Brother. And fantasize me with him

  • CB

    I love them together. I am glad to see they are still together (even if it is just as friends, though I hope they are still dating) because of that thing going around that he left her because he had feelings for Dallas Lovato, glad it isnt true, or if it is that these two are still hanging out, they should get married (and he should stop saying he doesnt have a GF if he is still dating Dani cause we all know he is lying, unless he means he doesnt have a GF because they are secretly engaged or married lol, someone ask him if he has a fiance or wife)

  • babygirl

    omg. i love them both together. šŸ™‚ i hope they get married one day. Danielle is a great and nice girl. kevin and danielle (Kanielle). i really do hope they get married, kevin really loves her, but i respect that they will wait ’till the time is right. cause i completely understand. to be honest, everytime i see them together i hope they become husband and wife. i really hope they don’t break up. iam just saying on my mind. well that’s all i wanted to say/ peace šŸ˜‰

  • Perz

    they r cute together… im still sad they r getting married though…. šŸ™