Debby Ryan Loves Leather Jackets & Twitter


Popstar! caught up with Debby Ryan at the premiere of Hannah Montana: The Movie and asked her what her current obsessions are. Check it out below as well as a video from Debby’s photoshoot with the mag.

Ps. Debby’s twitter is and don’t forget to follow us on twitter:

  • britt

    I’m getting a Twitter now!

    I LOVE Debby Ryan!!

  • Juliaaaa

    Debby is the new Selena!!!!!!!!! I luuuve her so much!she seems so nice! youshould put her videos on hereee!

  • we post a lot about debby here actually haha. just do a search for “debby ryan”. you’ll find a lot of posts about her. =) and she is nice. she’s prob one of the nicest people ever.