Miley Cyrus Teaches Jay Leno the Hoedown Throwdown


Miley Cyrus dropped by the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Friday evening. She chatted with Leno about red carpet events, her hidden talent (“I’m freakishly double jointed”), her love of Hello Kitty, her car, her book, the media and more. She even tried to teach him the Hoedown Throwdown! Funny stuff.

After the interview she performed her hit song, “The Climb.” Check it out below.

  • sydney

    You said on your twitter that icarly won over hannah Montana at the Kid’s choice awards just because icarly is a nickelodeon show. Maybe you should go to and see that icarly has more viewers, so it would make sense that it gets more votes (and there were only 2 nickelodeon wins-how are they cheating?). last week icarly was a rerun and hannah montana was brand new and icarly STILL had better ratings! Maybe you dont get invited places because you have an obvious disney bias and aren’t clued in on what’s popular now, not 2 years ago. BTW, Miley and HM are cool too. It just pissed me off what you said. it wasn’t professional.

  • Hi Sydney,

    I just read your comment on the site and wanted to apologize for what I said on Twitter. It was meant as a joke, but unfortunately sometimes things are taken out of context when you can’t hear the tone it’s said in. But nonetheless, it shouldn’t have been said. So I apologize. One thing we pride ourselves on is being professional and positive and that was an error in judgment. We’re sorry that we upset you and hope it doesn’t cost you as a visitor. We are trying to start posting more about some of the Nickelodeon kids, it’s just hard because most of our info/connections are Disney related.

    Once again, we’re sorry for our comment. We really appreciate your honesty. Thanks!

  • hahaha miley is soo funny!!
    and she did awesome with the climb!