Sterling Knight at Hannah Montana Premiere


-“Sonny With A Chance” star Sterling Knight must be the best big brother! He brought his little sister to the premiere of Hannah Montana: The Movie on Thursday night. How adorable!

  • Babo and Popo

    They are the best – He could not have made a better pick. What an adorable couple. We need more young people like them.

  • DADO


  • Hanna Rose

    oooh he is dreamy.

  • These multi-talented kids (and their middle brother Spencer) AND their parents are the best in the world…..and yes, the world needs more of them all.
    We are proud to call them great friends!!
    Congrats, shining Knights!!!!!!

  • TX fan

    It doesn’t get better than that

  • StemiLuver4life

    man i love sterling knight! him and demi make such a cute couple on sonny w/ a chance! and i love the sonny w/ a chance of dating ep! i hope 4 more channy/stemi moments!!!

    ps: u wanna no wats weird and cool? i play 4 a select basketball team 4 my city, and we’re called the oak creek “knights”!!! it’s so cool!

  • you are sexy in the show but your ugly in person why and by the way i have your # im going 2 call u em k write me back plez that is my email adress bye love u

  • alyssa

    he is such a cutie! i love him so much! he’s so cute in sonny with a chance and in real life! ugh.. i just love him more everyday! anyway, he’s such a hottie, and he is so talented in singing and playing the guitar! he is so inspiring! i love you sterling!!!

  • Spalsh

    Sterling you r so hott I think u should date me bc I’m ur age and really hott also. We would make such a cute couple! You rock on sunny with a chance. The only reason I watch that show 2 c u… The rest is okay. <3333333333333
    Email me!!!!!

  • Your bested fan

    I love Love Love you you rock

  • Claire mcgibbon

    Hi sterling I really wanna meet you all I want 4 christmas is u ur amazing I sung ur song in starstruck 4 my leavers on July 15 and they all thought I was amazing thanks sterling knight that’s all ur thanks ur sooooo great my mum asks me wat I want 4 Christmas and I say to meet sterling knight and she said I can’t do that I can’t get him and I’m really upset u r really handsome and ugly like some ppl who r rude and sayin u r honestly that’s not very nice how would they like to be called ugly and I think it’s way sweet how u brung ur little sister to the premier thanku sterling ur great I just really want to meet tht would change my life around I won’t scream scream cos I’m shy I’d really like an autograph and pic frm u ur sooooo great but my mums right I can’t meet u cos I’m in united kingdom and we don’t speak funny anyway I’m frm united kingdom in north wales and ur in America LA but anyway ur the best Byeeeeeeee

  • Claire mcgibbon

    Sorry not ugly

  • youna

    i love you and i am going to.
    please write back!!!!