Matt Lanter: Hot or Not?


-It was announced last week that Dustin Milligan’s character “Ethan” on the CW’s “90210” won’t be returning next season, but Matt Lanter’s character “Liam” will become a series regular. Matt was previously in Disaster Movie and the upcoming Sorority Row.

Do you think Matt is hot or not? Do you like “Ethan” or “Liam” more? Find out more about Matt and his character in the TV Guide interview below.

  • Anonymous

    Liam more… Matt is HOT!

  • reallyyy liiiiiike LIAM better !! Matt Lanter’s hottie !!

  • Anonymous

    Matt Lanter is HOT, he also has a HOT voice… you may not care for the show, but his voice is in star wars the clone wars, the main character, EVERYthing about him is hot… Liam is a bad boy HOT…

  • Anonymous

    Soo HOT…he should be Edward!

  • laceyk

    Liam is amazzzzzzzg on the show… I wish he played Edward Cullen too! Matt Lanter for Edward Cullen, let’s replace Rob Pattinson. lol

  • Lizzie

    Matt Lanter is the hottest guy ever. I’m glad he didn’t play Edward though, Twilight sucked.

  • Lol

    He is hot but i hate him becuz i cant get him 🙁