Malese, Demi, Katelyn, Tiffany & More at Honor Society Show


Malese Jow sent us this great pic from the Honor Society show at the House of Blues on Saturday. It’s the VIP girls! Malese strikes a pose with Tiffany Thornton, Leven Rambin (sorry we had it wrong earlier), Katelyn Tarver, Lissa Lauria, and Demi Lovato. Click the thumbnail below for the full image.

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  • They all look so beautiful!!!

    I’m sad there are no pics or videos of them ALL together (JB, Demi, Tiffany, etc) šŸ™

  • stephanie

    isn’t that Leven Rambin between tiff and katelyn??

  • yes, you’re correct stephanie! thanks for pointing that out. someone told us wrong. thanks again

  • Francy

    Hey, I just adore Malese, Demi and Tiffany!
    How do you know Malese’s e-mail address?Is it private or can you send me by e-mail?
    Sorry for the inopportune question but.. I wanna know ‘cuz i just love Malese! <3