Jonas Brothers Dance to Honor Society


Tiger Beat got an cute video of the Jonas Brothers dancing along to Honor Society at the House of Blues on Saturday night. Check it out below. For a full recap of the show, check out Blog Girl.

  • Kandy Manning

    Everyone’s paying attention to JB and not HS
    lol, Kevin’s trying to point in HS’s direction to get people to watch but they won’t lol
    btw, HS sounds super good. <3 both JB and HS!!!

  • Awh( :
    That is soo cute( :
    I seen Kevin point to HS.
    IDK Y but i picured Joe tripping and falling.
    It was weird( :
    They look ahmazing and so does HS.

  • Briana

    they did the SAME thing at Irving Plaza on February 15th! everyone was paying attention to JB and not HS. i felt bad! HS is amazing! but it was cool seeing the jonas brothers there! and camilla belle was with them that time. haha

    HS is AMAZING! i love them! and the jonas brothers of course! haha


  • ranzel

    OH my GOD!!!
    There’s DEMI!!
    she look so good!!!
    look closely you will see her!!!
    (in the first video)