Joe & Camilla Lunch at Urth Cafe


Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle were spotted out in Beverly Hills after having lunch at Urth Cafe on March 26th. Looks like the rumors of Joe & Camilla calling it quits are just rumors…(Credit: JustJared)

  • Ashley

    I’m so confused! Is Joe and Camilla dating or is Camilla dating that Fernando guy?!

  • Kali

    Yeah forreal. Camilla is so confusing. I really don’t like her. Idk there’s just something.. not right about her.

  • analisa

    i totally agree with you kali

  • halaay

    here’s what’s irritating to me: he’s looking different. like, trying to look like rob pattinson. maybe it’s just me, but ugh. and uh, isn’t she dating that tennis player? is she cheating or what? i hate them together. i’m sorry, but she’s not right for joe.