One Year Ago: LMITE Tour


-One year ago today, the Jonas Brothers ended their “Look Me In the Eyes Tour” at the Izod Center in E. Rutherford, NJ. They pulled pranks (Joe as a gorilla, guy in a banana suit, Maya and the Verizon girls dancing on stage, etc) and invited the whole crew and family on stage to sing “We Are the Champions.” The LMITE was amazing…get ready for JB’s world tour this summer! It’ll be even better! Check out some pictures and video from that day.

Which JB tour so far was your favorite (Radio Disney, Marvelous Party Tour, LMITE, Burnin’ Up, other)?

  • katie

    Aw I I love that tour!! February 6th the best day ever!! That’s when they came to portland Oregon, I can’t wait for the summer tour it will be even more amazing!!!

  • i didnt get to see this tour which really sucks but i LOVE it when they sing part of “so far away” its just heart melting

  • Jessica

    Aw, I was at that concert. It was the first time (and only time) that I met them. Man, I remember it like it was yesterday <3