GossipGirl: Caught Kissing


-“Gossip Girl” returns with all new episodes to the CW tonight (as does “One Tree Hill” yay). Look who was snapped kissing for a scene from an upcoming episode today! None other than Leighton Meester (Blair) and Ed Westwick (Chuck). Is there a reunion in the future? Do you like Chuck and Blair together?

Credit: B. Ach

  • Catherina Boudrias Arreal

    Gossip girl is my fave T.V. show of all time, my fave charector in it is Chuck Bass I LOVE HIM so much xoxo. The reason why I LOVE him is because he is a teriffic actor, sweet, charming, adorable, so good looking, funny, mysterious and all in all a great guy. The very 1st show ever of gossip girl when I 1st saw Chuck he stoll my heart. Im so in love with him he is amazing and I realy want to be able to meet him some day that’s my one true wish that i would want.xoxo. So crushing on him 4 ever ! LUV ! And all I can say is Blair your so so lucky to even get to be near, and to KISS him WOW ur the luckyest girl on this whole planet ( your my idol now) 🙂 Laters…