Jesse McCartney Is A Glasses Stud


Jesse McCartney shows off some red glasses at the 10th Annual TJ Martell Foundation Family Day. For more info on the foundation, go HERE. What do you think of JMac in the glasses?

Also added some pictures from some of Jesse’s shows and appearances the last few weeks.

  • katie crush

    hi, he was a jerk :]

  • Katie

    Jesse looks amazing in anything he wears!
    But red is deinitely his color. (:

    I saw him on his tour a few nights ago in GA and he was AMAZINGGG….as always.

  • Shelby

    katie crush, on March 8th, 2009 at 8:20 pm Said:
    hi, he was a jerk :]


    why do you think he was a jerk? jw.

    but i’m not really diggin the glasses.. ehh.
    other than that he looks fine tho.

  • Nika

    wow 😀 he looks soo well :))))