• Anonymous

    this is amazin

  • Help me miley I wanna know how to do the steps
    of hoedown throw down break down how do you
    do it they just call me Hannah montana at my school
    are you tied of being Hannah montana with the wig
    on you don’t have to be mrs montana no more

  • hi hi

  • there hanah montana i want to learn the steps please help me send me to my hotmail the steps please my email is hotmail keilamaria30@hotmail.com please big fan

  • The songs that you sang are good could you be my sister and come to my house 40 mashiters walk romford essex rm1 4bx you will see a bmw and i have got a baby sister 3 girls and 3 boys bye from sophie 8 years old

  • i want to say the same as my sister you rock the roof off do love your dad so much and i love you too as my sister samantha

  • hey there wit u up 2