• Shayla

    please cody keep your shirt on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chris

    Don’t listen to Shayla Cody, take it off!!!!!!!!!

  • Xx ninja bizcuit xX

    YESH!! what chris said *.*

  • Jonathan

    Dang, aren’t u just the little sexy thing. What happened to the abs u had?

  • Abby

    HOT !!! He’s cuter when he takes his shirt off !!!

  • Patrick

    dang keep it off, while your at it, take everything off!!!!!!

  • Kameron

    I’m with Patrick. Let’s treat Cody’s clothing like a store liquidation–everything must go!

  • sarah

    love it when his shirt is unbuttoned to the waist giving a glipse of his bare chest down to his navel, nothing but bare linley skin–i want to get that shirt off and pull his pants down to get expose his erect moist unit.

  • lucia

    cody estas muy guapo con camiseta y sin ella

    • sara

      si lucia i’d love to lick his sweaty bare chest from his navel up to his nipples and then see his erect penis pop out of his jeans and you know what.

  • OMG!!!!!!! Asher Book is sooooo sexy!!!!!!!!! He’s got the best male beach bod around!!!!!!!! Those nice arms, abs, and cuuuuute face!!!!!!! I want to have sex with him!!!!!!!!!