Demi Dishes On Camp Rock 2


MTV News chatted with Demi Lovato after the Kids’ Inaugural concert Monday night and she gave some scoop on the sequel to Camp Rock.

“There’s a ‘Camp Rock’ sequel.” “We’re going to be shooting it at the end of the next year. Actually this year, woo! So, we’ll be shooting it late 2009 and hopefully I’ll be shooting it after I do a tour.”

And there’s no official word yet on the plot, but when the Jonas Brothers were asked last year what they’d like to see happen in the sequel, they replied:

“Maybe [there could be], like, a rival camp,” Joe pondered, adding that someone in the Jonas camp had a very tropical idea for a possible location: “Camp Hawaii!”

The Jonas Brothers also weren’t expecting the success Camp Rock had:

When they talked about the film with last summer, Joe admitted that he was blindsided by the success of the first “Camp Rock,” which reportedly scored nearly 9 million viewers when it aired in June. Joe, who had a lead role in the film, said, “We’ve been looking into scheduling when we can do that because we’ve been busy with touring, but we would love to. The success from the first one — we did not expect that at all, and the possibility of a second movie would be great.”

Source: MTV News