Jonas Brothers Tonight Music Video


Edit: Video was removed from Youtube…so guess you’ll have to wait until January 19th. But for those of you that were able to catch the video, what did you think? (It has been reuploaded to other youtubes, so if you can find it, we hope you like, but we won’t post it again until the premiere)

  • Ofir

    omg! is that the reall video!?!
    I waited soooooooooo long for this video!!
    thank youu!!!!

  • maria

    gosh…!! i came late..!!
    the video is not longer available..!!
    seems like i do have to wait til jan 19th..! T_T

  • Kaitlin

    I MISSED IT!!!!!! Ugh I want to see it SOOO bad. Except it feels better to see it when it is supposed to come out. I really want to see it now though.

  • sicknastyallison

    hmmm ?
    is this is by any chance ?

  • yep that’s it…seems like a bunch of people were able to download it before it was removed. thanks!