Shining Star Awards Results


-The results have been tallied and it’s time to announce the winners!! Find out all the winners of our first ever “Shining Star Awards” now. You picked them and now see if your faves won HERE.

Thanks to everyone who voted! The turnout was way better than we had hoped. And now that the awards have finished, we’ll be opening up our Monthly Hot Zone soon!

  • McFlyFanaticUSA

    YEA McFLY! Just LOVE those British HONEYPIES! Their MUSIC is WIcKED AWESOME! Thanks ShineOn Media for having such nice GRAPHICS for the winners! Thanks to all the McFans that VOTED AND VOTED!!!!!
    McFLY ROCKS!!!!

  • I was so thrilled to see that McFLY won big during the first Shine On Media Awards! Those guys deserve it!

    Massive kudos to all the amazing fans who voted like crazy for the lads!

    I know they love you for it!