Two New Categories For Shining Star Awards


-So far, we’ve had a tremendous turnout with voting for our 1st Annual Shining Star Awards! It’s been way more than we expected and we’re so excited! Make sure you keep voting! Some of the leaders in the categories are NOT who you’d expect, so be sure to make your voice heard! We’ve made a few changes and added a few more categories.

First, we had to split the categories into two pages. You can still get to them by going to It will take you to the two pages for the categories.

Second, in the categories listed HERE, you may now vote 20 times per day! That’s right, we’ve increased it from 10 times to 20 times! So be sure to vote daily! (The other categories HERE you may still only vote ONCE in, so make it count, there are no re-dos)

Third, we’ve added 2 new categories. One of them is Rising Star of ’09, aka the face to watch out for in 2009. There are 10 nominees so be sure to go vote! It’s one of the vote 20 times per day category! Find out who’s nominated HERE.

Lastly, the 2nd new category we’ve added is the Best Fansite/Website/Online Entity. The nominees were based on myspace voting, web stats and more. It was a tough choice and we wish we could have nominated all of you. We tried to vary the sites as much as possible. Below is the list of the nominees. You can go HERE to vote. This category is a vote 20 times per day category. I have a feeling this one will be the closest race.
Nominees (List has been updated since first posted because we did not copy the code for the finalized poll…sorry for the inconvenience. The nominees below are the final ones): &
drewseeleystreetteam. com

Congrats to all the nominees! Now get to voting! Voting ends January 5!


  1. I’m sorry but like we mentioned above, we could not nominate everyone and we do have two David sites nominated, which were chosen from nominations on our myspace. I’m sorry we couldn’t include that one. It’s too hard to include all.

  2. How could you ever consider davidarchuletafanblast? The owner of the that site should be under investigation for taking several thousands of dollars from fans under the impression that it would be used for certain things for the site and the fans, and then using the money for personal matters and never delivering on his promises or giving back the money. Never has a fansite been so deceiving with fans. Please consider this before you put them on a list of what seems to be reputable sites that deserve recognition.

  3. I say we should nominate because you can get all of the most up to date information on DAVID COOK who WON American Idol this year. The pictures thread is unbelievable. Great discussions, and freedom of speech unless you get vulgar, and then your comments are deleted. I love this website!

  4. davidarchuletafanblast not on there!!!!!!!! I WILL NOT VOTE HERE NO MORE!! and btw Ryan fanblast has a whole new staff!!!

  5. first off… why would we put david cook up when we can have the champion david archuleta who is acctually doing way better than the winner of american idol.. just a thought.. anyways i do say that one of david archuleta’s should be posted.. thats why i said his main website..

  6. look at the date on this post…this was BEFORE the finalized list and changes people. plus nominations have been closed. please make sure you read all our news on the main site for all the rules. this wasn’t the post to nominate people.

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