PLEASE READ – Shining Star Awards Best Fansite News


Updated: Thank you for the comments everyone. We are no longer taking nominations. We will choose the five commented here with the most votes (that already weren’t included on our list that you can see HERE. We will post again when the poll is back up. PS, this is for fansites, not official sites, so those official sites nominated will not be included.

IMPORTANT: Please read this. We have received quite a few emails about one of the categories in our awards: Best fansite/website. When we posted this category, we explained that we had to limit the number of nominees and based our choices off a bunch of different factors. We asked a few weeks ago for people to nominate on our myspace and that’s what most were based on. We did NOT intentionally leave off sites because we don’t like them. Please stop e-mailing us about sites that aren’t nominated. We can’t please everyone and if we continue to get e-mails about it, we will remove the category all together. We thought it’d be nice to try and give some webmasters some recognition, but it seems to be backfiring on us.

In order to appease some of you, comment this post now and we will choose 5 of the sites that you nominate that aren’t on the original nominees, but that IS IT! We can’t add any more after that. I hope you understand. But keep in mind, these 5 sites that are added late will have to work hard to catch up.

This will end TODAY so no nominations will be taken after today. We will pick the 5 with the most nominations, however ONLY comment this post once per person. Do NOT post the same site over and over or that site will be disqualified. We can tell if you post over and over from the same computer, even if you change up your name. Thanks. Also, this is for hosted domains/sites only. No myspace sites, etc.