McFly Tops Most Wanted Videos


-We have a new #1 video on our weekly “Most Wanted” music video countdown!! Congrats to McFly for taking the top spot! We had quite a lot of movement on the countdown this week.

1. McFly – “Do Ya”
2. Jonas Brothers – “Lovebug”
3. David Archuleta – “A Little Too Not Over You”
4. Paramore – “Decode”
5. Demi Lovato – “La La Land”

To find out the full top 10 and to vote for this week’s countdown, go HERE.

  • karlamcflyluver

    im so happy!
    mcfly es the best band in the whole world!!!!!

  • Meghan

    Im so glad they got the top spot they really are such a good band 😀 xoxoxoxo

  • Shayna

    Yay!!!! I was hoping they would win that!!! Now they just have to win Best group of 2008 and Best Album!!!! Keep Voting Everyday!!!! 🙂

  • cris

    MCFLY!!!! nice job! i love that video. it deserved the top position:))and mcfly deserves the Best Group award, coz they are. haha. to all mcflyers out ther: VOTE TEN TIMES EVERDAY!!!

  • Nicole

    YAYYY MCFLY:) they really deserve this!

  • KAI(:

    Yay Mcfly!!!!♥

  • lizzie

    McFly= Best Band in the worls. Deserve best band etc. Shud have gone higher in the UK Charts (I’m from the UK)
    McFly are Epic Live

  • ts

    BEST BAND E-V-E-R!!!!!!!!
    Now they just have to win best group of 2008 and best album…AND WE NEET TO HELP THEM!!!!!
    VOTE EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!

  • Zuzana

    McFly are the best best bestt 😀

  • they should be known in sweden! i love mcfly!!!!!!

  • Charlotte

    Awh man, I’m so proud of them. They definitley deserve this. Well done boys!

  • izzy

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO <3 mcfly!!!! best group in the world!! 😀 VOTE FOR MCFLY in the awards!!!! x

  • omg, mcfly are my heros!
    i love them loadsssssssssssss (:
    & they’re amazing live.

    fans – keep voting for them, everyday! they deserve to win best group 2008


  • stella

    i’m so happy
    i love them so much
    they really deserve it

  • i’m so happy. i love them so much. they really deserved to win!!now they just have to win best album & best group!!

  • Chrissie

    i’m so happy for McFly.
    i’m there biggest fan..but I live in Canada. so this makes my life a little hard to get to them.
    I’d die to see them in concert..or jsut to see them.
    So I’m rooting for them, and hoping they will win. im so proud of them..
    they are AMAZZZZZING