New JONAS Still


-Check out a new promo picture from “JONAS.” The episode description is:

“Keeping it Real” – Mom Sandy Lucas is upset to see that her boys are growing accustomed to the perks of fame. In order to keep her boys grounded she calls for more normal family activities, chores and a family dinner. Kevin, Joe and Nick Lucas find it hard to complete even the simplest of tasks like taking out the garbage. While visiting a thrift stop owned by their friend Macy’s grandmother the boys get stuck inside after they are mobbed by fans. They frantically try to find a way out to make it home in time for their mom’s dinner, on “JONAS” airing on Disney Channel.

Check out the HQ pic below. (Credit: JonasHQ)

  • Wauw,
    I’ve really got respect for these guys,
    Nick has the same age as me, and I’m really not see me do something like that!
    And most of the people on this site I don’t even know, maybe it’s becaus I’m from Belgium, but it must got to say anything, these guys are famous holl over the world ! Dudes you rock, I hope you guys ever come to Belgium to give a concert or something else, but if that will happend I’ll be the first one who buy a ticket !
    Byee !