The Jonas Brothers Home For the Holidays


People Magazine did a special photoshoot with the Jonas Brothers and the Jonas Family. They’ll be celebrating Christmas at home in Texas.

“We’re huuuge Christmas fans,” says Kevin (with dad Kevin Sr., mom Denise, 8-year-old brother Frankie and Nick’s dog Elvis in an L.A. studio). One of their treasured traditions? Helping Mom with her cookie-making, which is a “five-day event.”

They also tell People about their favorite Christmas ornaments:

Nick: “I love the ones I have from when I was in (a Broadway production of) A Christmas Carol, especially the Ghost of Christmas Past. Those are good memories for me,” he says.”

Joe: “Ever since I was little, that was the one I couldn’t wait to put on the tree every year,” he explains. Another tradition that has stuck in the Jonas household: wearing their pajamas inside out on Christmas morning. “We think if we wear them inside out, then it will snow,” says Joe.”

Kevin: “It’s a huge ordeal in our family to wrap the Christmas lights around the tree properly. My dad is kind of, you know, very, very particular,” says Kevin, 21. And for the oldest JoBro, his tree accessory of choice is “the Baby Boy ornament. It was one of my first.”

Frankie: “I made this one in school,” says 8-year-old Frankie – also known as the Bonus Jonas – of his handcrafted ornament. “But I love the Goofy one,” which happens to be Dad’s favorite.”

To read more on this, go HERE. Check out pics below and a video from the photoshoot HERE.

  • omg! they look amazing. I love it.
    I hope they have an amazing christina!!

  • bria frank

    ahh…i love this picture it is really cute…their such a happy family

  • bria frank

    i hope they have a great christmas..happy holidays to them

  • Oh wow!
    These are so cute 😉

    My favorite ornaments are my baby girl one, and my Little Mermaid ones! haha
    Looks like i have something in common with Kevin and Joe!

    <3 Jessica.

  • Victoria

    aw, i love them 🙂

    and Frankie is so adorable!


  • Nikki

    AHAHA I want to see them in their inside out pajamas…and spend christmas with them.

    I have one just like Frankie’s…just with my face not his.


  • Sara

    awww, they are soo cute! i wish i could spend christmas with them!!

  • Anna

    lovely they look so cute in there christmas outfits
    hope they all have a wonderful christmas

  • Sierra

    They all look so cute!!!!!

  • OMG! elvis is so big right now!, God i love them so much