Ask School Boy Humor


-Hey everyone! We’ll be doing an interview with a band called School Boy Humor. You should definitely check them out at We think you’ll love them! Their EP “Camera Shy But Still A Star” is out on iTunes now. Be sure to pick up a copy! They even have a great cover of Colie Caillat’s hit “Realize.”

Leave your questions for the band here!

  • Kayla

    How did you guy meet and become a band?
    When did you guys form?
    Where did you come up with the name School Boy Humor?

  • Kim S

    1. Why made you decide to do a cover for the song “Realize”? (I think you did a really good job with it!)

    2. If you go on tour, do you think you would come over to the East Coast area, like Massachusetts?

    3. How and when did you all meet eachother?
    Were You friends or know eachother before you got together?

    4. Did you guys think of the designs for your band t-shirts? (I think they are pretty awesome!!)

    5. Out of: Camera Shy, Cheating Myself, and Everyone Who Breathes.. which one did you have the most fun time writting or recording?